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Ditting USA Warranty

Ditting USA, Inc. offers the following limited warranty on all new coffee grinders to the original buyer, as follows:

  • For new retail and light-industrial coffee grinders (to include the 804, 1203, 1403 and 1800 series models) purchased for use in the United States, the limited warranty includes ONE year on all electric components.
  • Unless otherwise noted, reconditioned grinders purchased for use in the United States include a limited warranty of 6 months on all electric components.
  • For used grinders purchased for use in the United States, the limited warranty includes 3 months on all electric components.

Our warranty is ONLY valid for grinders purchased in the United States to be used in the United States. If a grinder is exported outside of the U.S, the warranty is no longer valid.

Warranty on parts includes the motor and all other factory electric parts.

Not covered under warranty: damage due to misuse or abuse, labor and shipping. The use of any non-Ditting parts anywhere in the grinder, to include switches and grinding discs, will immediately void the warranty.

If service is needed, Ditting USA should be contacted for troubleshooting or recommendation of a service company PRIOR to any labor or service being performed. Most of the time, the problem (though it might seem like a matter of life and death) could be simply power-related or a circuit breaker that has tripped for safety. Ditting would like to avoid having customers face unnecessary costs. Our 50+ years of experience has shown that we can fix 99% of our grinder-related problems quickly and easily over the phone in minutes.

If the grinder is under warranty and a part needs replacement, the part will be billed (including shipping charges) and shipped to you by the requested shipping method. When you return the old part along with the model and serial number of the machine from which the part was removed, and if it is deemed defective, you will receive credit for the defective part and your cost will be for shipping only.

Ditting USA has a list of service companies across the U.S. who service our grinders. These are independent companies and are not associated with Ditting USA, and we would like to hear your experiences with them in order to concentrate only on those companies who service your machines properly, efficiently and professionally.

This warranty is put in simple words to avoid misunderstanding and/or abuse. If you have any suggestions on how we can take better care of your investment, please let us know. Call us toll-free at 810-367-7125 for free technical assistance, service tips, and complete schematics from knowledgeable service technicians.

We are here to support our customers and service centers with any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to call us.
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