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Ditting stands for Swiss precision down to the last detail. Hence, profound scientific analysis and an extensive evaluation of the customer’s needs formed the foundation the product development for the popular 804 series, a coffee shop grinder model that is known to provide accurate consistent grinding – the perfect match for pour overs. Which is why the 804 became the grinder of choice during many regional as well as World Brewers Cup competitions and contributed to a lot of winning performances. After several sponsorships of local barista and Brewers Cup competitions, Ditting is now committed to start sponsoring the upcoming seasons of the World Brewers Cup with the 807 LAB SWEET.
Ditting appreciates this unique opportunity to keep a continuous contact with baristas and coffee professionals from all over the world.

Ditting provides worldclass grinders through its global partner network.

A global distribution and service partner network provides local support for all customers and offers valuable technical and logistical support during the course of the sponsorship seasons. The international partner network is excited about the opportunity to support the upcoming events.
Together they will ensure that the competitors on stage can focus on their thrilling and inspiring presentations, without having to worry about the grinding equipment.